Leap Year Birthday Wishes Born on February 29th

Here are some best leap year birthday wishes. Once every four years, people born on February 29 actually get to celebrate their ‘real’ birthday. How rare and wonderful it must be to celebrate a birthday for four long years. February 29th is called a leap year.

Remember your parents and all your friends are extremely very happy because this day is not only special for you but very special for us too. I wish you to spend a successful life with a smiling face.

Leap Year Birthday Wishes Born on February 29th

The best thing about loving someone born during a leap year is that you save money on birthday gifts 75% of the time!

I am extremely excited this 29th February because we are going to celebrate a birthday for someone special after 4 years and I wish you enjoy this event with all your heart, with a smile and many hopes. My dear friend I wish, may all of your dreams come true.

Your birthday is very ridiculous as it is very funny. People grow up after one year but you grow up after 4 years! Wish you joyous leap year wishes!

Born on February 29th makes you special in every sense. With lots of love, sending you warm wishes on your Leap Year Birthday.

Happy birthday to the only one I know who turns a year older every four years.

Leap Year Birthday Wishes

Feb 29th Birthday

Thank you for not only being an exceptional friend but also reminding us something like February 29th actually exists. I always knew you were special!

A birthday is a happy event that comes one time in a year but you are celebrating your birthday after 3 years, so enjoy much and enjoy the time of your birth after three years. May your cute smile always sustain on your beautiful lips. Have a great day.

Those who are born on February 29th get the chance to throw a super party every fourth year for which they can plan for three years. Happy Leap Year Birthday.

Being born on February 29th will always get you all the attention because you are a leap year baby.

You hold the special privilege of actually being able to choose which day to celebrate your birthday – either February 28th or March 1st – and I say let’s go with both!

I want to send you a very special gift on your birthday which comes after 3 years and my gift must be packed in a silver paper of my sincerity and I hope you will find that my gift is very precious because my gift pack will be full of prayers, sincerity, and love. Warm

People born on February 29th will always have two different ages to tell to the world.

Birthdays come and go, everyone grows up a year every year, and gifts are opened and thrown. But I want my birthday wishes to stay with you forever. Happy Birthday!

Leap year celebration

There are just very few people in this world who can defy the race of time and they are the ones born on February 29th.

Happy Leap Year! Today only comes once every four years, so make it special. Reject negativity, love those who hate, and follow your dreams.

Happy birthday to someone who won’t show up in anyone’s newsfeed because you were born on February 29th.

You are always going to stay the youngest amongst your friends just because you are born on February 29th.

Thanks for visiting us, share this leap year birthday wishes to boy or girl. Spread a lovable happiness.