101+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Here are the funny birthday wishes for the younger/little brother. Share these crazy funny wishes with your brother. Make him a special memorable fun day. And also share on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

A special piece of advice on your birthday: keep smiling as long as you have those teeth. It might not last long. Now smile and have a fantastic birthday!

It probably wasn’t easy being the baby in this family but I hope we didn’t scar you for life. Happy candles and cakes, brother!

Happy birthday, little brother! Seeing what an honor it must be to have a fabulous sister like me, I didn’t think it was necessary to get you any other gift this year!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother Messages & Quotes

Funny Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Happy birthday little brother! Please don’t tell anyone how old you are this year because then you’ll give away my age too!

Happy Birthday my younger brother, be bold to make mistakes because I will always be there to point them out. Hahaha keep learning and keep making mistakes!

My little brother is now very big, though you may be tall, you will always be little. Have a blast on your Birthday!

You being born saved my childhood, thank you for being born on time. Happy birthday my brother!

Happy birthday to my dear little brother who reminds me of myself in so many ways! After all, he’s funny, sweet, and just generally awesome!

May this birthday be as wonderful as you are. I love you, little brother. Wishing you another great year full of awesome things.

Happy birthday to a brother who is smart, funny, witty, charming… and reminds me a lot of myself!

A big happy birthday for the world’s stupidest brother! You’re a bit of a fool but you’re my bro and deserve a top birthday

On this Birthday, I agree that you are now taller than me. But still, you are a little brother to me and to me forever. Have a beautiful birthday celebration!

Happy birthday, bro. Enjoy every minute of it and live it up on your big day

Happy Birthday my younger brother, never make the same mistake twice, make it 5 or 6 times to be sure. Keep making mistakes brother!

My partner in crime, the accomplice to a great childhood, thanks for having my back. Best birthday, little bro.

Hope we did not scar you, as you were mom’s favorite. Happy birthday young brother!

Enjoy being young-ish while you still can, my dear younger brother! Happy birthday to you!

Here’s to a birthday that’s as crazy as you my brother. If it’s anywhere near as mad it’ll be the most outrageous birthday the world has ever seen!

Can’t wait to party with you tonight, little brother! A very happy birthday to you and all the best wishes for another amazing year.

Being related to me is really the only gift you need. Just saying. Happy birthday!

We’re going to celebrate your birthday in style bro! Let’s go crazy and enjoy yourselves as much as we can! Party!

Happy Birthday to my little brother who is lucky enough to have the best elder sibling in the world! I appreciate your being!

Happy Birthday my younger brother, I think it’s time to get serious with your education, career, and job life. Oh, it’s your 13 birthday yet, give all a damn and party hard.

You were a really obnoxious brat and your smile let you get away with murder. Still the same but older! Wonderful Birthday!

Life would be boring without a brother like you. I’m grateful every day for having someone to enjoy as much fun and excitement as we’ve done over the years. Here are too many more years of it. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, brother! Let’s go out and party, you need to feel younger again. You don’t have the energy to dance. Let me prove you wrong. Happy birthday, brother!

Happy birthday, little brother! You can’t help but get older, but you can try your best to stay younger. Just keep your childish sense of humor and don’t become any more mature!

Life wouldn’t be the same without you in our lives, little brother. Keep being awesome like you already are. Happy birthday!

You’re turning a perfect age. Old enough to recognize your mistakes but young enough to make some more. Happy Birthday!

You always bring a sweet smile to my face. You make every moment with you transform and though we do not agree on some issues, I still love you! Happy Birthday, Brother!

Although you are my younger brother as a friend and your elder brother I want to tell you that growing old sucks, so try to skip your birthday and bamboozle your age.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Little Brother

Growing up with you was one of the best things that happened to my life. Thanks for being in it. Happy Birthday!

You must be feeling good. It’s your birthday and because you look fifty, though you are older, you are wonderful. Happy birthday, younger brother!

You may get on my nerves, but now that you’re older, you can at least make up for it. Happy Birthday, baby bro!

We welcome another year of laughter until it hurts, all because of your funny jokes. Wishing you a happy birthday brother!

Happy Birthday brother, you have come to an age where you should be careful before coughing, sneezing, or farting, it may cause you to pee in your pants. Hahaha, be a more careful brother!

Happy birthday to the smartest, funniest, and most amazing sibling in the world! Oh, hold on… that should say from, not to!

You have always been my best friend. My brother and twin, all in one package. Enjoy your Birthday Brother!

On your birthday this year, little brother, I propose we make a pact. I won’t reveal your age, so long as you don’t tell anyone that I’m even older than you! Happy birthday to you!

It’s great to see how you have grown so fast, even you are able to conduct yourself as a mature adult. Happy birthday young brother!

You’ve made it another year around the world, little brother. I hope your next year is amazing and unforgettable. Happy birthday!

No matter how serious life gets, you’ve got to have that one person you can be completely stupid with. So glad I’ve got you, bro! Have a brilliant birthday!

You’re finally 21! Now you can legally do all those things that you’ve been doing since you were 16! Happy birthday!

For my favorite brother, the one who makes having a younger brother worthwhile, I wish you all your favorite things on your Birthday! A heart filled with joy. Here I’m wishing you a big, beautiful birthday!

We may drive each other crazy sometimes, but the love I have for my little brother is unlike anything else. Happy birthday!

Another birthday means another year going close to amnesia and other old age diseases. So forget all your worries and enjoy your birthday like never before. Happy Birthday my unforgettable brother.

Finally, after all these years, you are now older than me! Happy birthday, brother!

Thanks for visiting us, Enjoy the fun day and birthday party with your little brother. Keep smile be happy.