101+ Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister, Quotes, & Messages

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On this day, the most special member of this family was born: my dear big sister! May you have a fantastic day and many more to come!

Happy Birthday my lovely sister. I have a lot of joy and happiness within me for having an amazing person like my own elder sister. You and your every endeavor are my examples to match. Keep shining sis!

A sister is that shield that always wields for you. Wishing happy birthday my dearest elder sister!

Happy birthday, big sis! Many nights we stayed up late just sharing our innermost feelings, our deepest thoughts, and our most troublesome worries. We made up games and created secret signals that only we knew.

Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister

Hey, my affectionate, energetic and adorable elder sister. You are brilliant. I wish you all the happiness and blessing on your day.

Dear sister, thank you for all the wonderful memories and happiness you have given me all these years. And, more than that, big thanks for constantly supporting me, loving me, and helping me whenever I need it. Happy Birthday to you! Be blessed!

A sister takes care of you as a mother, behave with you like a friend, and helps you like the kindest. Happy birthday my dear elder sister!

The greatest gift that our parents gave us is only my elder sister. You are not only my elder sister but also my second mother. The happiness of our family is only for you. May your day be full of joy and surprise.

I know you have been through some hard times, but you never gave up. You are my idol and the strongest woman I have ever met. You have such a positive approach and attitude. I wish I was more like you, always persevering.

You are beautiful, loving, amazing, and sweet. You are my elder sis and always be my best friend. Happy Birthday to you sis. Enjoy your day with lots of fun.

She is always with you. And she is your sister when no one would stand with you. Wishing happy birthday my elder sister!

You’re not only my elder sister but also a reflection of my mom. Please, always like my mother. Happy Birthday my mom’s shadow.

We may fight, argue and annoy each other, but at the end of the day, you are my best friend. Have a fabulous birthday, big sis!

A very happy birthday to my soul mate, twin, friend, and sister. I am sure your shoulder is always there to lean on when I am sad. Your support and love are what I want, sweet sister. I love you.

Your life is worry-free when you have a sister in your life. Because she is the only your real friend and truest one too always till life. And you can fight with her any time sweetly. Happy birthday elder sister!

Knock knock. Who’s there? Only me wishing you a fantastic birthday, dear sister!

We were born in the same family and the lucky thing is that you have come first and become our elder sister I thank you for that. Have a wonderful birthday.

Dear sister, you were always by my side when I need you in my tough times. Today, I would like to swear that I will never let you down and keep supporting you, and loving you forever. Happy Birthday, Sis. God bless you!

Very mirthful and exciting birthday to my resplendent elder sister from her quirky and devilish mind little sister. For me, you are a whole world and someone whom I can rely on whenever I feel down. God bless you with irresistible charm and beauty!

I have a Sis in my life that is so crazy, loving, gorgeous, and sumptuous that is my elder sister. Best wishes on your big day. Thank you for being an incredible elder sister.

Life is short, but thankfully I have you by my side. I could not ask for a better sister and partner in crime.

Dear sister, you are the greatest friend and sister a girl could ever have. My happiness is limitless to have found you as my own elder sister cum friend. Happy Birthday to you!

I have spent my entire childhood under your shadow. It’s you who have protected me from all the obstructions and protected my vulnerabilities. I am more than blessed to have you as my big impenetrable wall. Happy birthday to my stunning elder sister!

We spent a lot of time in childhood and have lots of memories. No one can perceive me better than you. I feel that god specially sent you for me. Have a lovely birthday, my dearest elder sister.

Whew! Another year passed and you are even more beautiful today than ever. Happy birthday to my downright gorgeous sister!

Dear sis, there is no other person having a bigger heart than you have. Despite my frequent quarrels, anger, and rude behaviors you have been right there to calm me down and help me regain my cool. You are the greatest sis. Happy birthday, sis.

Being a responsible elder sister of a bratty and arrogant little sister in itself is a mind-boggling task. But congratulations sister, you haven’t disappointed me at all. I am quite happy with your work and I will give you the birthday gift of your choice. Jokes apart, happy birthday to your elder sister!

Whenever I think that I am losing hope, you are the only one who assists me and defends me. Celebrate your Birthday happily and thank you so much for being a brilliant adviser. Have a memorable birthday, my elder sister.

Birthday Wishes For Big Sister

A sister like you is rare and appreciated. I would never replace you in a million years. Happy birthday to the best sister around!

Even though I argue with you, yell at you at times, and irritate you with my naughty behaviors, you have always loved me and cared for me no matter what. I am so glad that God sent me such an amazing big sister. Happy birthday, dear sis! Keep shining always! happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister.

The only thing I outrageously hate about you is your drool-worthy looks. I mean you are the elder one but everyone calls you, my younger sister. I hope you age pretty fast and start looking like my big sister. I love you and I bless you with love and happiness. Happy birthday, elder sister!

Your patience, your righteousness, your courtesy, and everlasting appreciation made me the best person that I am today. Happy Birthday, my elder sister, you deserve a fantastic birthday.

I am so happy that I was able to grow up with such an incredible sister like you! You aren’t just my sister but my best friend! Happy Birthday to you!

You are the greatest sister in the world anyone could have. Not because of all the things you did for me and my family, but by just being you. I love you, sis. Happy birthday to you!

May you never ever weep my sister! May God always pour a sparkle of joy into your life! Happy birthday elder sister!

An elder sister, you’re the shadow, my mom. You have all good qualities like mom, and you always took care of and protected me as mom does .wish you blessings for a lifetime on your Birthday.

Cheers to you, my sweet sister! It’s your special day so let’s celebrate in our own sisterly way! You can raid my closet if I can steal your shoes! Love you lots and lots!

Today is yours. Make it special. Cut the cake and spread joy around. I love you, sis. Happy birthday!

I am always there for you sister whenever you need anything. I wish may your bucket never be empty! Happy birthday elder sister!

The relationship with the elder sister is priceless uncountable and valuable. If anybody has this relationship, I think he is the luckiest one, and I am proud to have such a relationship. Happy Birthday, elder sister.

When I need a good laugh I think about how we’re sisters, and how you can’t do anything about that. Happy birthday, sis. Thanks for putting up with me.

A very happy birthday to you my dear elder sister. You hold a very special place in my heart not only because we are siblings, but because you are my best friend ever. I love you!

I am thankful to you because you are not only my elder sister but also the idol of my life. I always respect you. Most heartfelt wishes to you on your Birthday.

I don’t know what I have done to deserve a sister like you. Thanks for the encouragement when I am down and the words of wisdom when I am up. Happy Birthday!

It might be just a regular day for others. But, for me and my family, it is the most special day as it’s your birthday. Happy birthday, dear Sis. You are the source of joy, sunshine, and happiness for every one of us.

May nothing you fear elder sister! You are my lovely sister. Wishing you all my love and happy birthday elder sister!

It’s an honor for me that you are my elder sister. The best sibling that I have is only you. Have a delighted Birthday, my elder sister.

I always realize that I do not need to be a superhero or a perfect guy when I am with you sister. Thanks for accepting me as I am. Happy Birthday to my favorite sister!

Happy birthday to the most wonderful person in the world. I am hoping to spend more years with you being friends and sisters.

You are beautiful; strict and kind too towards me. You have always motivated me. May you never ever lose your confidence in your life! Happy birthday elder sister!

My dearest, delightful, charming, and beautiful elder sister. Always shine like a moon. I am so blessed to have an elder sister like you. Enjoy your Birthday and celebrate it magnificently.

Today my idol was born and that person is none other than my sister. Happy birthday Miss perfect.

On your birthday, as you cut the cake, I will be reminiscing all the horrible as well as sweet things we did. I will always adore you, dear Sis. Happy Birthday!

May you never get off the train from the journey of faith and belief! Wishing you love and a happy birthday elder sister!

Happy Birthday to my loving elder sister. You are like an ocean that has depth in it. I have learned a lot of valuable lessons from you. I appreciate all your effort and the help you do for me. Have a good birthday big sister.

It’s so wonderful to know that you’re not only my sist but also my best friend in good and bad times… Have an incredible birthday!

People can choose a friend from many. However, we can never choose our family members as they are god gifted. I am so happy and lucky that I got you as my mentor, my friend, and my elder sister. Happy birthday to you dear Sis!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful elder sister who is not only rock, adorable, and kind, but also my hero my confidence as well as my mentor. Have a stunning birthday, my most excellent adviser.

Sis, you have a bigger heart than anyone I know. It’s so big that you love me, I love you for that. Happy birthday!

My wonderful sister, I want to thank you for remaining such a caring and lovely sister. I love you and happy birthday!

The love you have given me in the form of a mother is unconditional. God has blessed me with an elder sister who is more like a mother to me, and I wish you a superb birthday this year.

Thanks for visiting us, Enjoy the birthday party of your elder sister. Keep smile be happy.