101+ Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy, Quotes, & Messages

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You are by far the most charming boy I’ve ever got to meet. I hope that you accomplish all of your dreams and achieve true happiness. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

I want to take this moment and thank god for giving you to us and celebrating your 1st birthday. Happy 1st birthday baby boy. Your parents love you so much!

On your first birthday, we want to celebrate the miracle of your birth and new life by stuffing our faces in front of you. Yum! Happy 1st Birthday! Hope that you have a sweet 1st birthday.

Just by being in the room, you make everyone around you happier, which is something that is extremely hard to do, yet you accomplish it so naturally! I always knew you were amazing! Happy Birthday!

You are the cutest baby in town and you look adorable even when you frown! Happy birthday to you, my man!

Happy Birthday, My boy, We Are Lucky To Have You As Our Child.
Enjoy This Day.

Happy 1st birthday to you. Have a rocking day today, and enjoy your cake and ice cream.

Happy Birthday to the happiest kid I know. I’m wishing you an awesome day that you will never forget.

Happy birthday to the most adorable human being this life has ever seen! With your wonderful personality and witts, I’m sure that you’ll achieve all of your dreams!

Well, all the first together, happy 1st birthday baby boy. Mom and dad are proud and happy to have you in our lives. You are truly a blessing!

Happy first birthday. I know you may be too young to remember this day but I want you to know how much you are loved.

For every candle you blow out today, I’d like a wish of yours to come true! You deserve every little spec of awesomeness in this world. Happy Birthday!

Dear birthday boy, when you came into this world, you made everyone around you happier. We all now gratefully look forward to another year of joy as we learn to see you grow – happy birthday to you!

Happy Bday Son, And Thank You For Giving Us The Opportunity To Because The Best Parents Ever.

You are a great son, an awesome nephew, and a great brother, and you are only one! We look forward to celebrating your birthday today.

Today we will celebrate your birthday by having a huge party just for you. We hope you enjoy your day and appreciate all the food, gifts, cake, and people who will surround you on your special day.

It is incredible how such a small body can contain such a big heart! You are an exceptional young boy, and I wish only the best for you! Happy birthday!

Happy 1st birthday baby boy, well your parents would also be celebrating our first birthday with you. Love you son!

In life, having a good son is one of the greatest things a mother can have. Having a strong son is one of the valuable assets of a mum.

For every candle you blow out today, I’d like a wish of yours to come true! You deserve every little spec of awesomeness in this world. Happy Birthday!

Wishing you nothing but happiness on your big day today. You only turn one once, so have an amazing day! Happy birthday my boy!

You Have Never Complained About Anything I Could Not Afford To Give You And On Your Birthday I Promise To Fulfil All Your Wishes.

My son, today is your big day and I hope you love the 1st birthday party that we are giving you.

My beautiful child, we pray all your dreams come true and you realize how lucky you are to be surrounded by everyone who loves you. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our little champ! You filled up our lives with eternal joy and happiness! May you grow up beautifully as well. We love you!

Have an awesome birthday little one! Today is your day, may this year bring you joyful achievements and remarkable discoveries!

People always say you have a cute face and smile but we are in love with your eyes and heart because that’s what makes you special. Happy 1st birthday baby boy!

Happy Birthday to the special boy whom my heart dearly cherished! Wishing you happiness that is pure and everlasting.

You know it’s the first and last time when a baby cries and we smile. Happy 1st birthday to our baby boy, you will always find your way!

You may keep me up at night with all of your needs, but the smile you give me after you’re satisfied can help me through any sleepless night. I love you, Happy Birthday!

Happy first birthday to the best boy ever. You are loved by all those around you and are definitely going to have an awesome life in the store.

The good thing about being a baby is that you don’t have to act lame to make people smile. You are so natural and adorable! Happy birthday!

My sweet boy, no matter which age you reach, you’ll always remain our precious little hero! Happy First Birthday! We love you to the moon and back!

Happy Birthday, my boy! I hope that you get to play with all of your toys and that you have lots of fun, at your birthday party! I hope that you get to see all of your friends, from pre-school, and that you all have the best time together!

Many great wishes to you on your 1st birthday ever. I want to wish you nothing but happiness today.

Happy First Birthday to the cutest baby to exist! May you grow cuter with every passing day! Sending loads of smooches and hugs to you!

You’ve made your parents really proud, and you are by far one of the most amazing little boys I’ve ever met! I hope that you find love and happiness in life! Happy birthday!

Our little prince, whenever you smile, our heart melts at your cuteness! Happy First Birthday! May you always keep spreading happiness like this!

Without me, there can never be you. Also, without you, there can never be me. You’re my source of joy and source of life. Happy birthday, son, you are my source of joy and happiness.

Never before has devoting your life to a person been so fun and fulfilling, and you, my dear son, deserve it all! Happy Birthday!

Let your life be as beautiful as this birthday cake is – bright, sweet, and unusual! Happy first birthday, you cute baby!

Ever since you were born, I have found a new reason to get out of bed every morning, and for that, I thank you! Happy Birthday!

On your birthday always remember how lucky you are to be surrounded by everyone who loves you. Indulge in your cake and enjoy all your presents. Have an awesome birthday!

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