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Today is my birthday, and my heart is still open for wishes. Happy birthday to me!

As I celebrate this day, All I can wish for is good health and a lot of wealth for all my life. Happy Birthday to myself!

Happy birthday to a person that is beautiful, smart, cool, and reminds me a lot of myself.

Happy birthday to me! After sleeping on it during these years, I’ve understood that no one is comparable with me as I’m the best and I have all the qualities to become the king of the world.

On this very day, one of the greatest humans in the world was born. Oh, and so did I! Happy Birthday to me!

Birthday Quotes For Me

It is a lovely day and a special one in my life, I am a year older. May I be treated like a queen! Happy birthday to me!

Merriest birthday to one of the most humble, funny, awesome, and beautiful people I know: Me!

Today is another amazing day for me and luckily it’s my birthday. I wish myself an amazing birthday and a blessed life.

Today is the most important day of my life. And I’m going to celebrate it accordingly.

Happy 30th birthday to me! Today I’ve decided not to give my friends any treats because they didn’t give me any gifts. I hope that I’ll celebrate my 31st birthday with my better half!

My life is way more interesting than I could ask for at this age. I’m happy that I was born like me, not like anyone else. Happy birthday to me!

One of the greatest people to ever exist was born today. As I turn one year older, I hope that everything in my life will advance to the next level.

Happy birthday to me, may I live for 1001 years.

Today, I want to share the happiness of this special day of mine with you all. Happy Birthday to me!

My journey so far in life has been amazing, and I want to thank God for that.

A beautiful and delicious cake, cups and cups of refreshments, and good company? I have never been more blessed. Happy birthday to me!

Wishing myself the happiest birthday ever! Thank You, God, for letting me have a lovely family and celebrate my life with them! I am truly blessed!

With my birthdays coming thick and fast, I have realized I fall in love with myself with each passing birthday. I say numbers do matter.

I thank God for giving me another year to serve Him. Happy birthday to me!

I pray to the lord and am grateful for all that I am blessed with. Wishing myself a lovely birthday and a year full of exciting adventures!

Wishing myself a joyous birthday full of God’s amazing blessings.

A wonderful life is available for everyone. We just need to know where to look. Under God’s guidance, I see how blessed I am. On this special day, I wish myself – a happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me; birthdays are special because I receive love and joy from everyone who cares about me. So, I would like to use this birthday to thank everyone who makes not just my birthday but every day of my life wonderful.

I do not want to spend my entire life trying to be a great person like most people do; I am among the few who have been great since birth.

A blessed day indeed, Today, I want to wish myself a happy birthday! Happy birthday to me!

If I am an important part of your life then today is the day you give me gifts and cake. Today is the day I was born and you should be happy that I am in your life. Wishing myself a happy birthday from your side and waiting for your wishes.

My being alive and healthy today is a result of none other than the almighty God. I’ll forever be grateful to you, God. Happy birthday to myself.

I love having such wonderful friends and family members with me. I feel honored knowing that they remember and they care. Happy birthday to me!

I’d want to wish myself a very happy birthday in advance. My hope for myself is to enjoy a day filled with happiness and joy with friends and family.

It is beyond explanation how far I have come in life. I can’t believe I am a year wiser, more beautiful, and richer today! To God be all the glory. Happy birthday to me.

Welcome to my house, let’s eat, drink and party because it’s my birthday!

Today is a very special day and we are going to have a big celebration. As today is the birthday of an awesome person. Happy Birthday to me!

On my special day, I wish myself happiness and great accomplishments in the coming year.

Congratulations on my birthday! Today, I’m successful and I want to thank all my well-wishers for always supporting me and I also want to thank my detractors because their criticism helped me to come forward.

Growing up is the best journey I’ve ever embarked on. I enjoy my life, and I enjoy being alive all the time. May the blessings of God be with me forever!

I am happy to live up to this day. It is an occasion worth celebrating. I know I will be alive to celebrate more years. Happy birthday to me.

Happy birthday to the most jovial, funny, and awesome person in the world! Happy birthday to me!

To invite all my friends and family tonight and have a big celebration, my birthday is a great reason to do so. Happy birthday to me!

Today is the birthday of one of the world’s greatest men.

Happy birthday to me! Though getting old is a must and is not in our hands but being happy is mostly in our hands. I’m a happy person because I love myself. May the happiness never abandon me!

Today, I want to be grateful for a life spent in grace and favor as I celebrate the most special day of my life. Happy birthday to myself!

To me, it is not just a year older, but I consider it a year wiser. May I enjoy my birthday to the fullest today.

You have been a wonderful child, happy birthday to me!

A new year comes with a lot of new possibilities. I feel so blessed for my life and grateful for it. I thank god for all that I have and for many more happy moments to come. Happy Birthday to me!

I’m my only hope. I don’t believe in anyone but myself. Happy birthday to me.

The most special day of my life is today. Happy birthday to me! Thanks to my family for all the support and love during these years and hope to continue it. I wish I get many reasons to smile every day. Cheers to my wonderful life!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing person I know, I myself!

There’s no other way to say I am grateful for life. Many are in the Great Beyond and oblivious to the passage of time. I desire to live long to put a smile on people’s faces. Happy birthday to myself.

I hope that today will be a day full of happy thoughts and beautiful people around me. Today is a full day of celebration and craziness. Today is my happy birthday.

Happy birthday to myself, I promise to love myself and enjoy life.

On this special day of mine, I just want to give thanks to the almighty God for the gift of life and happiness. I pray that He continues to bless me throughout the year.

25 years! Wow! Happy birthday to me! I’m grateful to God for the beautiful 25 years and for everything that I have today. I hope and believe that I’ll achieve my goal and will become successful!

As the years go by leaving their marks and memories, I begin to realize how beautiful and blissful a life it is. Happy birthday to me! Wishing for many more returns of this day!

I will not die but live to be a wonder to many. My life is beautiful; I am a year older today. Heartfelt Happy Birthday Wishes to Myself

It’s my birthday, a day to be happy and praise the Lord. I thank him for the gift of life.

I am very thankful for all the people in my life and for all the blessings I have from the almighty. I wish that my next year will be as terrific as the last one. Wishing myself a wonderful birthday!

I walk around believing there’s nothing I cannot accomplish simply because I believe in myself.

It’s my birthday today, and by all means, I shall party until I can party no more. You’re free to join in if you want to.

Today is my birthday, Happy Birthday to me! I am bracing myself for all the adventures that are going to come my way. Today I am going to have a lot of fun with my loved one.

On this day, I wish myself a life filled to the brim with happiness.

Today, I’m celebrating another year of my life. Thanks to all who took time out for me today to give me blessings and warm wishes! May God fulfill my wishes and give me success, wisdom, and peace!

One more beautiful year has passed in the journey of knowing myself. Life is awesome, and so am I.

On special days like today, I am always at my best, happy, and can dare any life troubles to come because I am always ready to face them head-on.

It’s a day to make someone happy and put a smile on their face because it’s my birthday today. Happy birthday to me!

I think the sky, the earth, birds, and rivers, all sing for me today. Today is my special day. Happy Birthday to me!

I celebrate me today because I know I’m special and living my life in grace and favor. Happy birthday to myself.

Happy birth anniversary to me! Today is very special and all I want is a blessed day with all my loved ones. May I keep only the good memories in mind and be very happy forever!

Happy Birthday to me! I hope I grow wiser and kinder with every growing time.

I felt special when I woke up today and quickly realized it was my birthday! A very happy birthday to me.

It’s a new start, new dreams, and a walk toward a new destination because it’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

I wish that I get everything I dream about. My life is what I make of it. Happy Birthday to the awesome me!

I might not be the richest person in the world or the world’s president but I have happiness, peace of mind, and most importantly the gift of life. Thank you, God, for blessing me with such priceless gifts. On my birthday, I celebrate these little but priceless things.

Happy 35th birthday to me! I’m fear to celebrate my birthday because I’m still single. May God bless me with a beautiful life partner!

Thank God another has passed with me in this world- I’m so awesome it’s a real blessing to everyone in my life to have me here. Happy birthday to me.

Today is special. I am a little stronger and wiser than the previous year. In this coming year, I promise to make the best out of it.

It’s my birthday, and I will celebrate as I will never party before. Thank you, God, for another year

I want to reach the moon and make a home for myself. For me, I am the most special person in the world and I deserve the most unique birthday celebration ever. Happy Birthday to me!

I celebrate my special day with the realization that I am currently in possession of the most priceless gift on Earth – LIFE.

Gonna party like hell cause it’s my birthday, Happy Birthday to me!

Birthdays always come late but leave early. So, I just want to enjoy my day with much love. May I get all the best things in the world because I truly deserve that!

It is my birthday today. This year will be my best so far!

It’s a happy birthday to me today, I pray for love, peace, and happiness. Happy birthday to myself!

Each day is special for me, and this is the most special of my life. I wish myself the best and have a wonderful year. I hope this year makes my every dream come true. Wishing myself an awesome happy birthday!

It’s my birthday, and I shall rejoice because I know how far God has brought me in this life. May the good Lord be forever praised.

Today is my birthday and I hate it because none of my friends let me sleep at night by continuously texting me and calling me.

Happy Birthday to me! The day is all about cake, presents, love, and me.

Finally, the day has come. On a day like this, a princess was freely given to my parents. That princess has matured into a queen. I am proud of my life and the far I’ve come. Happy birthday, to me.

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