90+ Belated Anniversary Wishes, Quotes, & Messages

Are you looking for belated anniversary wishes? Here is the right place to get the best collections of belated anniversary wishes and messages. Wish your friends and relatives a marriage anniversary day.

Congratulations on another year of togetherness! You two have made it so far. I hope the journey together always remains a peaceful one. Sorry for forgetting to wish you on your anniversary.

Finding the perfect gift for someone as special as you take a little extra time. Happy belated anniversary!

Sorry, I’m late, but I was busy showering you with love in my thoughts. Happy anniversary!

Whenever I see you together, I realize how beautiful marriage is. You two were meant for each other. Happy belated marriage anniversary!

I am sorry to wish you lately, happy belated anniversary. May your love bloom with time.

Belated Anniversary Wishes

Please grant my apology for being late in wishing you. May God bless you both with endless love and togetherness forever!

Two imperfect people make a perfect couple.

Despite my tardiness, my greetings are as vibrant as flowers. I pray that you have another wonderful year of marriage. Just continue to be joyful and shine.

Love is the greatest feeling of them all and I was so engrossed in it, I forgot to wish you a happy anniversary. I am glad you both feel that for each other. Happy belated anniversary to you both.

I waited to give you your anniversary card to symbolize the amazing gift I got when I waited for the right person. . . You are! Happy anniversary!

I’m so sorry I forgot. I hope you know that I still love you just as much. Happy belated anniversary!

I was imperfect, you made me perfect. I was incomplete, you made me complete with your love. I hope you don’t mind my belated anniversary wishes. I love you.

You make each other complete. Lots of warm wishes to you both. Happy belated anniversary.

The marriage of the couple is made in heaven.

Happy Anniversary, belatedly! May your relationship continue to blossom with each new year. Even if I’m late, my wish is still sincere and warm. Happy Anniversary, belatedly!

I’m a little late to wish you but I cannot wait to find my soulmate and live happily ever after like you. Congratulations on completing yet another year of togetherness.

I’m sorry I’m late celebrating our anniversary. You don’t need to be mad at me though, because I’m mad at myself. It is my anniversary too.

Missing your anniversary was the furthest thing from my mind. Sorry for being forgetful!

Please accept my apology for the late wishes. May God bless your marriage with endless happiness, love, and togetherness forever! Happy belated anniversary!

Happy belated anniversary, darling. My love for you is never-ending. Sorry for the late wishes. Love you, tons.

You want the couple to be blessed with endless love.

Happy belated anniversary, love. May God bless us together, forever. Please accept my sincere apologies for being this late.

I’m sorry for being late and want to wish you a belated happy anniversary.

Time passes so quickly and just like that, I forgot your anniversary. It just feels like yesterday that you got married. And you are celebrating your anniversary already. Happy belated anniversary.

My being late with your anniversary card, and you not being late, is proof that I got someone who I don’t deserve. I love you very much. Happy Anniversary!

You do a lot of things for me, and this year I did something for you. I gave you an opportunity to prove how loving and forgiving you are. Happy belated anniversary!

No matter what life throws our way, I’ll always be there for you. I’m sorry I missed your anniversary.

I am thankful for the far that the Lord has brought us. Without you, in my life, I would be incomplete. Wishing you a happy belated anniversary!

My heartfelt apologies for being late and wishing you a belated happy anniversary.

It’s never too late for a heartwarming anniversary wish.

Wishing you a belated wedding anniversary- I hope you two always stay together and enjoy each other’s company. Extremely sorry for the late anniversary wish.

May you get all of God’s blessings and joy! May God continue to fill your marriage and partnership with love and happiness forever. May you always be loved?

Happy belated anniversary, love birds! I hope you always keep loving and supporting each other in the same way. My wishes are late but it’s true.

You’ll have to ask yourself a question. How important is it for your anniversary card to be on time if it’s given by someone who loves you more than anyone in the world? And I’m just digging myself a bigger hole. I hope you can continue to forgive me for all my faults.

Better late than never, right? Here’s to hoping that your anniversary was everything you hoped for!

Darling, I am really sorry for forgetting this wonderful occasion in our life. Let’s make every moment in our lives memorable as we start another year in our marriage. I love you.

Happy belated anniversary! Hope you guys had lots of fun with each other and my late wish is not fueling the fire.

Aging can make your mind forgetful.

Sorry for wishing you two this late. I hope you will accept my apology and won’t be angry with me. Happiest belated wedding anniversary, dears.

Belated Anniversary WishesHappy Anniversary, belatedly! I apologize for being late, but I wish you both a lifetime of love, laughter, and happiness. Many happy returns!

Years have passed, and you both still look as adorable as on your wedding day. Happy belated anniversary lovelies! Have a great celebration.

Use these genuine and sincere anniversary messages to smooth things over a bit. Be as clever as you can at work about the fact that you were late into saying something nice about your relationship or significant other.

I may be late in wishing you a happy anniversary, but your love is still an inspiration to me!

Accept my apology for sending you my anniversary wishes late! May Lord fill your life with endless joy and love!

Dear friend, Happy belated anniversary. May God bless you both and give you all the happiness in this world.

Celebrate with a post-wedding anniversary party.

Darling, I’m extremely sorry for forgetting our wedding anniversary! I’m so stupid. Belated happy anniversary to us, and cheers to us today and forever. Love you.

Happy anniversary, belatedly. You two are the most endearing people I know, and you create such strong bonds of affection.

An anniversary is a special moment and occasion for a great celebration because love has won another year. Happy belated anniversary to you!

Since our love is timeless, it was easy for me to forget our anniversary date. Every day feels like a special day with you, and our love remains unchanged.

I may be late, but I wish you both all the love and happiness in the world on this special day!

Oh my, I missed your wedding anniversary. I am very sorry! Receive my best-belated wishes!

May God bless us together, forever. Happy belated anniversary, love. Please accept my sincere apologies for being this late.

With all the happiness in the world to the most beautiful couple.

May the light always lead you home! Happy anniversary, belated wishes, and greetings, and keep sharing your relationship for all time and all eternity.

Cheers to another year of love, peace, and happiness! Sorry for wishing you late but happy anniversary guys! Always stay smiling together.

Even though I’m a little late, I still want to wish you both all the best on this special day!

How I wish I could be there to celebrate the anniversary with you. Congratulations! I hope the anniversary was beautiful.

Marriage life is like you are always on a battlefield. Always be prepared for war. Apology for my late anniversary wishes!

Celebrating people is more important than celebrating dates.

Grant my apology for wishing a bit late! I hope for your togetherness for a lifetime—happy belated anniversary.

I send you my love and health! Sorry for the delayed greeting, but happy anniversary.

Happy belated anniversary to you guys. Your love has only grown deeper with each passing year. We are happy to see you grow old together.

It’s amazing how fast a year can go by when you are with someone as amazing and fun as you. Happy belated anniversary!

My apologies for being late in wishing you a happy anniversary, but I hope it was everything you wanted it to be!

How can I be this stupid to forget our anniversary day? But I am lucky that my best friend is the love of my life. Nothing has changed between us. I love you.

Whenever I see you, two wonderful people, I realize that marriages are made in heaven. Happy belated marriage anniversary!

The couple means so much to you that you are willing to get scolded.

Dear friend, Happy belated anniversary. May God bless you both and give you all the happiness in this world.

It has always been a wonderful gathering around you. Keep exchanging hugs and smiles with everyone!

Happy belated anniversary, my dear. I know for a fact that you have fallen in love in such a way that falling out of this love is next to impossible.

I messed up because I’m late
I forgot a very important date
You’re no less special to me
I hope it’s something you see

My deepest apologies for being late in wishing you a happy anniversary! I hope your anniversary was filled with lots of love and happiness!

I’m sorry I forgot our anniversary. I promise to make it up to you. Happy belated anniversary!

I had this feeling that I had forgotten something very important. I am very sorry that I missed it. Belated wedding anniversary wishes!

The marriage of the couple inspires you to become a better partner.

We all adore you very much, dear, and wish you many, many wonderful returns of the day. I’m sorry for the late wish!

I hope this lovely couple always takes care of each other the same way. You both remind me of my younger days. Your love is adorable—happy belated anniversary.

I may have forgotten our anniversary, but I’ll never forget how much I love you.

Do you think my message is late? I didn’t want to disturb you on your anniversary day! Hope you have a wonderful celebration. I wish you a happy married life!

Grant my apology for wishing a bit late! May God fill your life with endless joy and boundless love!

Their marriage has impacted the individual personality of the couple positively.

Our marriage is a great success, as you have made me so perfect and complete with all of your love. Hope you don’t mind a belated wishing!

Happy wedding anniversary to you. I know no better couple than you two.

I may have forgotten your anniversary but it makes me happy how the vows you took on your wedding are a promise still kept to this day. And I hope it remains that way forever.

From the moment we met, I knew we were meant to be together. And even though I forgot our anniversary, I’ll never forget how much I love you.

I’m sorry to have missed your wedding anniversary. But here’s wishing you a lifetime full of love for the wonderful couple that you are!

I know yesterday you had a lot of anniversary wishes, but today none of them is thinking about you. Belated anniversary wishes!

It’s bliss to see your favorite couple grow old together.

Happy belated marriage anniversary! Thanks for showing us what true practical love means. Love you two so much. Stay safe and together always, lovebirds.

May your love grow stronger and stronger. I’m sorry for the late wish! Happy anniversary from their forgetful friend to the most gorgeous pair. Enjoy your day!

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